Nim was a 4 week long game project that I, and 11 other people, made together. In Nim you play as a small Tree Spirit that has awoken, and you need to use its powers to go to the corrupted big tree and fix it. 

In this project I was doing overpaints, quick concepts to explain different ideas to other's in the group, textured 3D objects and designed the UI. I also worked a bit in the Unreal Engine.


My Contribution


As I've earlier done a bit of hand painted textures I got the task of doing so in this project. I had the pleasure to texture the main character, the enemy and the trees. 



The logo for the game. We didn't give our game a name until we only had 2 days left, so I didn't have time to explore the logo more.

A few murals that we used as tutorial pieces explaining the mechanics.