Hi! I'm Madeleine, an Illustrator and Concept Artist with a bachelor's degree in Game Design and Graphics and I've also graduated from Futuregames 2D program

Right now I'm working in the board game industry making box art, character art, boards, print files etc. A little bit of everything! I love making worlds with interesting characters and to make everything match together.

I'm also a historic reenactor, and love to research fashion history in my free time, and sometimes sew some clothes! History, in particular between 500-1800, and fantasy inspires me a lot in my work and what kind of media I like. I wrote my bachelor's thesis about the representation of Vikings in games because of my knowledge from Viking reenactment.

I also really like cats, especially my two ragdolls called Tristan & Isolde.

You can reach me at: madde.fjall@gmail.com

Software skills