Hi! I'm a 2D artist with a bachelor's degree in Game Design and Graphics and I've also graduated from Futuregames 2D program.

I have always loved drawing since I was a child, and in middle school I really wanted to become a comic artist, or work with animals in a zoo. But as I got older I understood that you could work with games, games that I've always enjoyed playing throughout my childhood, so I started to pursue a career in Game Development. 


During all the game projects I've done, I noticed that I like almost everything about it; the teamwork, 3D, motion capture, game design and especially 2D. But the best thing is when you see other people enjoy a product that you and your group has worked on together

History, in particular between 300-1700, and fantasy inspires me a lot in my work and what kind of media I like. I wrote my bachelor's thesis about the representation of Vikings in games.

I also really like cats.

You can reach me at: madde.fjall@gmail.com

Software skills