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“Meso” means “middle”, and Bios:Mesofauna investigates the “middle earth” of creatures bigger than microbes yet smaller than megafauna. Start with an archetype species, and evolve into up to 6 more swimming, flying, burrowing, armored, or parasite species. 

I was a Solo Artist for this board game, with a lot of help from the designers. I did concept art, graphic design, marketing art, and illustrations

BMes Box-View 1.png
BMes Gameplay board.png

Species Illustrations

These illustrations are used on the species cards, each playable species has 6 different versions, swimmers, flyers, burrowers, armored and parasites.

Card Illustrations

183 Individual illustrations on 61 cards with 4 different colors. Each has 1 describing illustration on one side with 2 insect parts on the other; which can be connected to make an insect.

BMes card10.png
BMes card9.png
BMes card46.png
BMes card26.png
BMes card66.png
BMes card145.png

Marketing Illustrations

BMes_Box Art_3.jpg
BMes_Box Art_4.jpg
BMes_Box Art_2.jpg
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