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Sammu-ramat is a cooperative game set in the Near East 800 BC. She was a wonder of a woman, ruling a large empire in turmoil, navigating it into a period of prosperity. But a great leader needs great Advisors. 

I was a Solo Artist for this board game, with a lot of help from the designers. I did concept art, graphic design, marketing art, and illustrations

Sammu-ramat box.png
SAM Game setup.png

Box Cover

Sam Concept Art Market Illustration Box_edited.jpg
Sam Concept Art Box.jpg

 Playable Characters

Card design & illustrations

SAM Card Event_62.png
SAM Card Event_9.png
SAM Card Event_.png
SAM Card Event_27.png
SAM Card Character_2.png
SAM Card Ashur_10.png
SAM Card Ashur_12.png
SAM Card Character_25.png
SAM Card Ashur_100.png
SAM Card Ashur_85.png


SAM Game Board.jpg
SAM Resource Board.jpg
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