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Vendel to Viking is a standalone prequel to Pax Viking for 1 to 6 players. In Vendel to Viking, you are immersed in Nordic culture between 550 to 800 CE as you build your family’s legacy with every turn.


I did concept art, graphic design, marketing art, and illustrations

Box Cover

VV box cover Square_edited.jpg
VtV Box Sketches.jpg

Card design & illustrations

120 Individual portraits, based on 12 bases.

VV Card Back Formidable Persons without bleed.jpg
VV Formidable people_114.png
VV Formidable people_5.png
VV Formidable people_119.png
VV Formidable people_.png
VV Formidable people_26.png
VV Formidable people_17.png
VV Formidable people_29.png
VV Formidable people_41.png
VV Formidable people_76.png

New Jarls


VV Board Map.jpg
VV Board Ancestry_edited.jpg
VV Market Board_edited.jpg
VV Family tree Cholmáin BACK_edited.jpg

Achievement Icons

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