Pax Viking

Illustrator, Concept Artist & Graphic Designer

Pax Viking is a strategic and historical tile game for 1-6 players. It is a game of trade and diplomacy in the 10th century. The game highlights those Vikings who travelled eastwards, towards the rich trade routes of Persia and around the Black Sea.

start menu_3.jpg

Fennec Peak

Lead Artist & Concept Artist

This game was made during 7 weeks with a team of 12 people, where I was the concept artist. My role was to make overpaintsconceptsstoryboards etc, but I also went and worked a lot in Unity with lighting, textures, foliage etc. 



Concept Artist

In this 4 week project I was doing overpaintsquick concepts to explain different ideas to other's in the group, textured 3D objects and designed the UI. I also worked a bit in the Unreal Engine.