Pax Viking

Illustrator, Concept Artist & Graphic Designer

Pax Viking is a strategic and historical tile game for 1-6 players. It is a game of trade and diplomacy in the 10th century. The game highlights those Vikings who travelled eastwards, towards the rich trade routes of Persia and around the Black Sea.

BMes_Box Art_5.jpg


Illustrator, Concept Artist & Graphic Designer

“Meso” means “middle”, and Bios:Mesofauna investigates the “middle earth” of creatures bigger than microbes yet smaller than megafauna. Start with an archetype species, and evolve into up to 6 more swimming, flying, burrowing, armored, or parasite species. 

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Fennec Peak

Lead Artist & Concept Artist

This game was made during 7 weeks with a team of 12 people, where I was the concept artist. My role was to make overpaintsconceptsstoryboards etc, but I also went and worked a lot in Unity with lighting, textures, foliage etc. 



Concept Artist

In this 4 week project I was doing overpaintsquick concepts to explain different ideas to other's in the group, textured 3D objects and designed the UI. I also worked a bit in the Unreal Engine.