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Pax Viking is a strategic and historical tile game for 1-6 players. It is a game of trade and diplomacy in the 10th century. The game highlights those Vikings who traveled eastwards, towards the rich trade routes of Persia and around the Black Sea.

I was a Solo Artist for this board game, with a lot of help from the designers. I did concept art, graphic design, marketing art, and illustrations

The Vikings and art in this game are based on finds, history, and textbooks. 

Pax Viking_Box.png

Box Cover

Since the game is mostly about the Vikings who traveled along rivers to the east I wanted the box cover to show that. The boat going towards something new, leaving a sand-like city behind, showing that the Vikings aren't near the north at all. They also aren't here to raid, they're here to trade, and maybe find something new along the way. 

PV_Box_Art_without pictures_20-07-07.jpg

Playable Characters

I did a lot of research on how Vikings looked since realism is a big part of the PAX series of games. To do that I used a few of my earlier knowledge of Vikings as a reenactor, but also from books and other materials that I got from an archeologist specialized in the Viking age.

The characters are all based on people who have said to existed during the Viking Age, so with the info already there, plus some new ideas of who they were we came up with how they looked. They have different clothes depending on where they were located, if they're from scandinavia, rus or from the byzantine empire, and what they did. 

Character sketches3_2.jpg
Character sketches1.jpg

Tile design + Art

The board game has 4 different tile types (Event, Advocate, Venture, God) combined with 4 different areas (South, West, East, North) depending on where you need to be where you place them. 

There's more than 200 tiles, so to not make all the pictures repeat I made 8 different backgrounds for the different areas that I could put pictures on. I made in around 50 different portraits, 30 different venture pictures, and ~ 10 event pictures, + some that reused the backgrounds by themselves.

Event North 2.png
Venture Khazar 1.png
Event Chang'an 1.png
Advocate Birka 1.png
Advocate Faroe 3.png
Venture Bjarmaland 6.png
God West 1.png
God South 2.png

Map + Jarlboard

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