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Fennec Peak is a multiplayer brawler game where you play as four different adventurers meeting each other on top of a mountain. On this mountain, there is an old civilization with an ancient treasure, and you need to be the last person standing to get that treasure.

This game was made during 7 weeks with a team of 12 people, where I was the concept artist. My role was to make overpaints, concepts, storyboards etc, but I also went and worked a lot in Unity with lighting, textures, foliage etc. 

in mountains2.jpg

Environment Concept Art

In-Game Screenshots

My Contribution

Character Concepts

First I did a lot of thumbnailing, and when I got a shape I liked I started exploring it more with different kinds of equipment and clothes. We wanted to have the same body for all of the characters so I had to think of different animal shapes on the had and the tail. There would also be four different "classes", so each row represent each class. 

We did a group voting on the different classes and I started to give the winning votes a bit more detail so the group could vote again on the final version. In the next step we also voted to remove the Fennec Fox (which later became a statue in the map), so we only had four animals left for the four characters. 

Because the characters would be very small on the screen, and the game being very fast paced we gave each character a color so it would be easier to see them in the level and also easier make UI that matched with their own color. The colors were chosen so that a color blind person would have an easier time seeing the differences between them, I always checked with a color blind group member to help me.

All these were done while the 3D-artist made the characters so we together could make changes while making them. 

After deciding the colors and the clothes for each character I started concepting on poses for the presentation and the character select that I later would render, which is the first pictures you saw on this side. 

Mood Concepts

When we started this project I did a few different mood-pieces that the team could choose between. They were all based on our moodboards that the artists in our team had made together. 

When we had some kind of layout in our game I started making overpaints, using the screenshots and the mood-piece we chose, to better see what could be done in the level.

Animation + VFX storyboards and prop concepts

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