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Plant Creature Poster

Little Creatures

Lavender - Dress Up Concept

Lavender - Dress Up Game Concept

Vector Environment

Pax Viking Junior

I made all of the illustrations to Pax Viking Junior, which is the children's version of Pax Viking, but with cats instead of humans! I decided to go with another style, while still capturing the same essence as Pax Viking. You can see more of the board game here.

PVJ Style Concepts

PVJ first concepts 1.png
PVJ first concepts 2.png

Cats and kittens

PVJ Cat Brittish shorthair.png
PVJ Cat Brittish shorthair Kitten.png
PVJ Cat egyptian mau.png
PVJ Cat egyptian mau Kitten.png
PVJ Cat european shorthair.png
PVJ Cat european shorthair Kitten.png
PVJ Cat Maine coon.png
PVJ Cat Maine coon Kitten.png
PVJ Cat Siberian.png
PVJ Cat Siberian Kitten.png
PVJ Cat norwegian forest.png
PVJ Cat norwegian forest Kitten.png

Animal Icons

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