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Somnium was done with a 8 week development during the "Big Game Project" - course at Uppsala University's Game Design and Graphics program.

A few months before the course I started coming up with the idea, having presentations and looking for amazing team members. Without them Somnium wouldn't exist. 


With Somnium I worked as producer, 3D-artist, 2D-artist and texture-artist.


Somnium won "Best Second Year Project" on GGC 2017 and has been on Comic Con Stockholm 2017.


During this project I used 3ds Max, Substance Painter, Unity 3D, Photoshop and Premiere Pro.

Everything on this side is something I personally have done.

A few concept art pieces I did during the pre-production and concept phase of the project.

At first Olivia, the main character, was scared of dogs and a really scary dream dog were supposed to be in the game, but the dog never got to be in the game because the lack of time. 

The colors of her clothes also changed when production started because they were to similar to the overall color scheme of the game which made her harder do see.

Some 3D models and textures I made

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